Meet our Founder

Meet our Founder

My name is Kailah & I am fortunate that I get to play with makeup all day long.

The make up we all currently wear is filled with a whole host of nasties that damage our skin whilst also being hazardous for our health. Well no longer.

As a girl who likes to wear make up all the time, even to go out to the mail box!! I have noticed a radical improvement in my skin just by ditching my chemical laden beauty store brands. These products create a never-ending cycle, they damage & irritate our skin, so we apply more product to cover up our "imperfect" skin & the wheels of the beauty industry keep turning.

The birth of my daughter sent me on a journey to clean out all of the toxic chemicals, non-food products & additives in our lives. From this journey MG Naturals began, our humble beginnings started with one little product .

Today our foundations & BB creams are shipped and used worldwide, providing Safe, Nourishing Make up for teens & grandma's alike & I could not be prouder. As all Mum's know "From little things, big things grow" & we are very excited about the growth we have achieved thus far but this is just the beginning, our goal is to become your one stop Make Up shop. Providing women across the globe with effective but more importantly SAFE make up that you can trust.

If you have an idea for a product or feedback about our range drop me a line, I love hearing from our customers. Some of our best selling products & innovations have come about from customer suggestions, so please hit me with your ideas & feedback.



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