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Safe Makeup - You can trust

Why Safe Make Up & why does it matter to me?

Being a Mum of three girls, safe make up is deeply personal to me.

I want to ensure that my daughters desire for Beauty never comes at the expense of their health. 

With MG Naturals we have created a brand that goes beyond green washing & the clean beauty movement to where it really matters: SAFE Beauty. 

Our goal has always been to create safe makeup that works just like conventional makeup just without all the nasties. 

But the truth is our makeup doesn't work like conventional makeup & never will! 

Instead of harming your skin, our makeup soothes & heals.         
Instead of covering your skin up, ours works to reveal your inner glow.

All while never damaging your health & skin.

 That's the kind of makeup I want on my babies skin.


About MG Naturals

certified Safe makeup MG Naturals

NO Titanium Dioxide 

The Scientific Facts
"On absorption of UV light, photo-generated titanium dioxide particles create singlet oxygen, superoxide anions (O2-) and hydroxyl radicals (OH-) that are potent free radicals (1,2). Irradiated particles of titanium dioxide can induce oxidative damage to DNA (2) which can lead to the development of mutant cells and skin cancers (3,4,5,6) and lipid peroxidation of essential functions on the cell membrane (7)."
Dr Peter Dingle (BEd, BSc, PhD)

(1) Konaka et al. 1999. (2) Serpone et al. 2006. (3) Brezova et al. 2004. (4) Dunford et al. 1997. (5) Warner et al. 1997. (6) Salinaro et al. 1997. (7) Maness et al. 1999.


In 2019 the European Union classified Titanium Dioxide as a Level 2 Carcinogen in all amounts over 1%.

So what does that mean for your makeup draw?
All of your makeup (foundations, powders, lipsticks etc) that contains Titanium Dioxide will have far more than 1% of Titanium Dioxide & contain a known level 2 carcinogen at unsafe levels.
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Cert Clean

Our entire range has been tested to ensure we pass "Cert Cleans" vigorous safety certification process, ensuring you peace of mind that you are in fact purchasing the safest, healthiest makeup available in the market today.
MG Naturals is certified clean



 Formulated in accordance with SCA’s non-toxic guidelines, 100% restricting & excluding chemicals of concern.

Certified Toxic Free  


Formulated in accordance with SCA’s allergy-safe guidelines, 100% restricting & excluding allergens of concern.

Certified Allergen Free

Made Safe Certified

Formulated in accordance with SCA’s non-toxic guidelines, 95% or more restricting & excluding chemicals of any concern.

Made Safe Certified

Vegan Friendly Certified

Certified 100% formulated without animal & insect derivatives including beeswax, carmine & many other insect ingredients.

Vegan certified

Certified Cruelty Free

Certified to be made without cruelty to animals, SCA has a strict humane policy, ensuring absolutely no testing is carried out on animals.

Certified Cruelty Free

Honesty in Labeling

We know how confusing the “safe ingredient” space can be.

We also know how time consuming it can be researching each individual ingredient to ensure it is actually safe! 

Buying makeup should be fun, it shouldn't require hours of research to ensure the safety of the products you want to try.

Which is why we list all of our ingredients with their certification, properties & most importantly their latest EWG safety rating.

We have done the research, so you don’t have to. 

You can sit back & enjoy ordering your makeup knowing that all of our ingredients score in the safest category that the Environmental Working Group have.

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