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Love it

I gave a 3 star review a week ago saying that I could not get it to work on my skin, being patchy and sinking into my pores and I would update after I tried out a new primer. I had ordered the brush as an afterthought and was also waiting on it. Well after receiving your brush - all I can say is what a game changer.
Totally different. Finish is beautiful, does not sink into my pores and looks lovely. Do not need a primer. I did however try a different moisturiser, but believe it is all about the right brush. I had a few different types of brushes and was trying to save myself some money. Silly mistake. Should have purchased together with the BB cream. Would have saved myself quite a bit of money, so ladies if this is your first time purchasing, take my advice and buy the brush with it. It is definitely worth it.

Very pleased!

I have never worn makeup, and I have fussy and sensitive skin. I was looking for something to replace the tinted sunscreen I used to use, which I was no longer purchasing due to a change in the formulation. I thought a BB cream might be an interesting product to try, and this was the only one I could find with an ingredient list that I was happy with. Hence my willingness to order it all the way from Canada! I have been using it for a couple of weeks now (a little goes a long way for me, so I've only just reached the end of the little sample pot that came with my order), and I couldn't be happier. The Luminous Light shade works well for my medium-fair skin with warm undertones, and I find that it blends easily with the fingertips if I apply it just after moisturizing with rosehip oil. It balances out my sometimes-oily, sometimes-dryer skin, and I like the slight dewy finish it gives. Best of all, my skin hasn't shown any kind of adverse reaction to it, which is unusual for me, even with natural products. I feel that it is actually doing my skin good, and not just failing to irritate it. The light coverage is perfect for me, as it evens things out without feeling or looking like makeup. The scent of it is lovely too. Just a word of warning to customers in North America that your order might be shipped via DHL, which means you'll be charged a brokerage fee (for me it was about $20 on top of the cost of the product and the shipping). However, I have no regrets!

Skincare Dream

Love this product for summer and for my skin. The formula is incredible and I love that it is non toxic for me or the environment.

Shelley Jan Campbell
Great sun protection

I use the BB cream on my arms at present as Western Australia has been over 40 deg for many days...I have had 3 skin cancers removed so I feel safe using this on areas exposed to sun...also it covers up my brown spots which is really a great bonus!

Jessie Wood
So Grateful, finally!

This Summer BB Cream I gratefully received very recently. With confidence I can say this is hands down the best I've ever put on my skin. It's very light, glides on effortlessly, non-greasy and easy to build up for a little extra coverage. The natural rose scent is lovely but it doesn't linger. It feels so nice and light with no end of day 'sheen'. My skin feels and looks natural with this on, and thankfully ZERO breakouts. The Luminous Light Shade is perfect for my fair/freckly skin and lasts all day. Thank you so much for creating a Titanium Oxide free and ethically sourced Mica alternative. Much Love X

Miriam Monger
My skin loves this BB cream!!

I'm in love with this product!! It doesn't feel too thick on my skin, but it covers my normal blemishes nicely. Makes me feel out together without being so covered up. And my skin cleared up so much after using this regularly instead of the previous brands I've tried! I'm never using anything else :)

Jenny Hummel
Good coverage

Nice coverage, wish there was a colour between medium glow and caramel tan

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