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MG Naturals

Eco Refill Mineral Silk Foundation


  • Choose the eco-friendly option & refill your favourite Mineral Silk Powder with our 12 gram refill packs.

    TO USE:

    Use a butter knife to gently remove the sifter lid from your container. Pour in your refill pack. Gently tap container on a flat surface to settle the foundation. Push the sifter back into place & your mineral foundation is ready to go.

  • Zinc Oxide, Mica, Kaolin Clay, Pearl Mica, Organic Carrot Seed Oil, Iron Oxide +/-, Organic Rose Essential oil.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Spoilt with the ease of use and discount price to keep coming back for a fill up! 👌🏻

Beautiful Product, Great Coverage

I've been buying this foundation powder alongside the MG Naturals foundation for years, and it is honestly just the best. I love it.
My skin was a nightmare for several years - horrible, painful breakouts from what my doctor told me was rosacea. Nothing fixed it... until I figured out that I needed to cut out titanium dioxide from my beauty routine.
My skin is now fully healed, and isn't even scarred thanks to these MG Naturals products and a lot of jojoba oil. My skin actually feels better after wearing this makeup, thanks (I think) to the clay in it - it's healing and soothing and is actually good for my skin (as opposed to the previous, supposedly natural brands that I used to wear).
Thank you so much, you've saved my skin!

Silky smooth just like its name

One year since I first discovered MG Naturals and I'm still coming back for more! Every MG Naturals product I put on my skin, I still feel like it can breathe. I use this with the BB cream and it's the perfect, natural-looking coverage. It doesn't look cakey or orange, instead it's silky smooth and blends in well. Keep making amazing, healthy products so my skin can look and feel that way too!

Powder Foundation

Another of the MG natural products that I have been using for years...I use a light coat of this product over my MG naturals bb cream. The coverage is brilliant and only a little is needed with a kabuki brush for great results. I have mature skin and this really just sits as a final finishing coat to my make up routine. It covers red spots and can be built up with layers. I also like the fact that it does make your skin look great at any age without sitting in your lines and looking cakey. A natural looking product that does what it says, makes your skin look wonderful, and at the end of the day that is what we all want, natural looking glowing skin without all the irritants.

So happy you make refills!

Already LOVED this powder and now I’ve refilled it! Perfect!!

Great option

I love that I can have a handy pouch of extra foundation powder in my vanity for when I run out in the pot .
I usually apply the loose powder all over my face before running out to the gym or to run errands. It gives my complexion an instant
Aliveness and even-ness of tone and the best part is I know I’m not adding more toxins into my body.

Eco refill a great idea

I love the mineral silk foundation powder and have bought it in the little tub many times before - so I had a few empty containers in my drawer and was really pleased to discover that you can buy a refill. Great idea!

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