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MG Naturals

Organic Mascara | Natural Mascara | MG Naturals

  • After testing 100's of formulations we struck mascara gold, this mascara is all natural, formulated for sensitive eyes, volume-boosting & best of all its smudge resistant & made on absolutely no nasties!

    • Formulated for sensitive eyes
    • Jojoba & castor oil to condition & strengthen lashes
    • Green tea to encourage lash growth
    • Smudge-resistant & volume boosting to thicken lashes
    • Beautiful Inky Black shade
    • 10ml size
    • Vegan, Organic & Certified Safe 
    • Made in Australia

    Sometimes it's what we don’t put in that really matters:

    • NO Titanium Dioxide
    • NO parabéns, plastics, chemicals or Polymer film formers

    This Mascara was a long time in the making. But trust us it was worth the wait!! Its silky formula lengthens, separates, thickens & conditions without clumping & weighing down lashes.

    It's nourishing & deeply conditioning with aloe vera, green tea, jojoba & castor oil. The organic carnauba wax gives spectacular body & length to lashes while the natural mineral pigments provide an intense, long lasting inky black colour.

    The full brush has been specifically chosen to create luscious volume with each stroke, giving your lashes a dramatic volume boost.

    Like all our products, our mascara is a super gentle formula that is suitable for sensitive eyes.




    "Amazing! I agree with the other reviews, it's super easy to apply, smooth, doesn't clog, it feels so light on the eyelashes, it's very comfy if that makes any sense. I love that it's natural and not waterproof, it makes it feel better somehow. Brilliant!" - Joanna


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Best mascara I’ve ever had!!

I love this mascara. I no longer use any nasty chemicals on my skin so I love this mascara so much and my last one lasted me more than a year!!

I don't usually use mascara

My eye lashes are quite thin and are very straight. They naturally face downwards. 😞
I followed your advice on your blog. I heated the eyelash curler with the hair dryer then curled my eyelashes. However, not long after I applied the mascara, my eyelashes went straight again. I don't think it's the products fault... sadly it's my eyelashes. During the short period before they straightened up, the looked fine. I waited for the product to dry before applying another coat so there was no smudging. I think the mascara would be good for people whose doesn't have a problem with stubbornly straight eyelashes like mine.

Great light Mascara

Really nice natural mascara. Very light for everyday use but you can keep applying for a darker coverage. It takes a little bit of pressure to get the wand in and out but I think this is to stop the brush clumping. Doesn’t sting or irritate the eyes and cleans off really well with out smudges.


This is such an amazing mascara, particularly the fact that it is all natural! It gives amazing results and lasts! There is a slight bit of flaking when you apply but if you let this dry, you can just brush it away.

Organic mascara

I love that it is a natural product free of titanium, easily applied, no irritation to the eyes.
Unfortunately I have found it runs/smudges very easily and doesn’t shape my lashes.

Healthy mascara :)

This is the only non 5 star review I’ve given on MG, but also I think we need to be realistic on the limitations a natural, non-tox beauty product has :) I have adjusted the way I would usually apply as I find if I try and build layers with the MG mascara it clumps my eyelashes so I do I really good coat and leave it there. It doesn’t create volume like other toxic versions do but there’s a reason they do that and if you’re shopping on MG then I’m sure like me you’d rather less volume and a happy body. The packaging I am a little annoyed over as when I pull the wand out excess mascara clumps to the top between the brush and stick and also around the top of the packaging opening so I have to be careful or I get way too much mascara on my eyelashes and it comes out of the bottle all over my hand etc, might just be this bottle though. With wear I do find little dry black pieces fall from my lashes to my under eye area but I just dust them off :) I will continue to buy as overall I’m very happy, especially as it’s such a healthy product!


I have very sensitive eyes that water easily. Usually only waterproof mascara lasts for me. This mascara couldn't keep up with my tears in the wind, too bad, but my case seems to be an extreme case. The ingredients are top!

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