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Danielle B
My favorite

I ordered this kit when it first came out and I've gone through a few bottles since then. It's very hydrating and doesn't feel oily or sticky. It sinks into your skin. The tool it came with is nice and makes the experience of moisturizing like a spa day. This is my new favorite face oil


It’s amazing oil! I’d like this very much and I would like to have one more big!!!❤️❤️❤️

Great product

A little bit of this serum goes a long ways. It helps moisturize my skin at night, and it looks more healthy after using this product consistently for the past month.


I've loved every product I've bought from MG so am keen to try this!

Carolyn Sowder
Skin guardian

So far, I'm loving it! I see an improvement in my skin~

Christie Wakefield
Miracle worker

Oh my goodness this is a bottle of magic. I actually have been using on my legs. They were very crepey, wrinkled and a ton of sun damage from years of tanning. I wasn't wearing shorts anymore but today I wore shorts out in public. After a few weeks of adding four drops per leg, they are unbelievably changing for the better. My legs felt like leather and now they are butter soft and smooth. I can tell the sun spots are fading too. It is expensive but it works. I hope in the future they can cut the pretty box it comes in and the roller and reduce the cost.

Very happy so far!

I purchased Skin Guardian after receiving a small sample. The sample wasn’t quite enough for me to truly judge so I ordered it. I’m very happy so far, used it now for about 3 weeks - and it does what it says it does —my skin is suddenly very dry with menopause, I was always very oily my entire life. Suddenly my eye brows and chin got very dry and flaky, my pores were clogged in some areas and really dry otherwise. I had been using a tee tree ointment which helped stop the crazy dryness and I still use it but my face was overly shiny. That said — I’ve switched to using Skin Guardian and my pores did tighten and are less clogged, my dryness has subsided more evenly - meaning my skin does feel more balanced. It works well with or without make up, and I’ve actually dabbed it on my eye lids before using MG Naturals concealer as an eye shadow base and it’s good, very little creasing if any (I live in hot humid Florida, USA). I use the Jade roller on and off. Works fine but I prefer my finger tips to lightly dab it all over my face then blend. I do love it so far and because I live so far across the world I just bought another bottle so I don’t run out! (It comes in a dark bottle I assume to protect the oil from light, however it’s hard to know how much is left).

Overall - I would say if you have any sensitivity to your skin or redness, or big pores, or dryness - try it. It’s not toxic and it makes your face dewey but not greasy. I do like to reapply it during the day under my eyes, nose and chin - but that’s me!

I’m just so happy I found MG Naturals, because FINALLY literally every product I use is gentle and for once my skin is no longer irritated with this or the makeup in general!! LOVE IT.

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