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August 11, 2023 3 min read

6 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Mineral Foundation

In the realm of cosmetics, mineral foundations used to have a poor reputation due to their association with a gritty, chalky texture and a mask-like effect. However, this has all changed. Today, the mineral foundation has never been more unique, innovative, and highly sought-after.

In spite of the fact that mineral foundation may appear to be the most recent skincare obsession, it actually traces back to ancient civilisations that used to crush their minerals from the soil in order to impart color/coverage to their skin.
The more you use mineral foundation, the better your skin looks and feels. So what is holding you back from making the switch? Let's dig deeper and find out why you should switch to a mineral foundation.

6 Benefits of Switching To Mineral Foundation

The primary reason mineral foundation has become more popular than ever before is because women are increasingly concerned about their health, lifestyles, and ethical & environmental choices. Here are a few reasons for you to consider:

1. Mineral Foundation Contains “Good For Your Skin” Ingredients
Research on mineral foundation suggests that it is better for your skin due to its skin-helping ingredients and fewer harmful chemicals, talc preservatives, and synthetic ingredients.
One recent study in the Journal of the American Dermatology observed that mineral foundation helps reduce fine lines, skin roughness, and uneven skin tone while managing skin’s shine and oil.

2. Ideal for All Skin Types, Especially Sensitive and Acne-Prone Skin
In addition to concealing unsightly spots and blemishes, mineral foundation nourishes the skin and provides protection against environmental aggressors.
It does not include talc, artificial preservatives, or other ingredients that are damaging to your skin. For this reason, mineral foundation is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, acne- prone skin and people suffering from rosacea.

3. Non-Comedogenic
Mineral foundation is the way to go if you have oily or congested skin because it is non- comedogenic and doesn’t contain skin-irritating ingredients.
While synthetic-based foundations tend to clog your pores, a mineral foundation is a great alternative. It won't lead to clogging pores or breakouts and delivers medium-to-full coverage with a beautiful matte finish that you can depend on, day or night.

4. Super Light and Breathable
Mineral foundation is formulated with a finely milled texture and a lightweight composition that enables you the freedom of achieving the level of coverage you prefer.
For anyone who doesn't want to use a lot of makeup but wants to create a beautiful, even complexion, mineral foundation is the best solution.

5. Won’t Settle Into Fines Lines
The finest foundation is one that can be applied once and then forgotten about. On the other hand, many conventional foundations include talc, which makes the skin feel heavy.
A frequent problem with traditional foundation is that it tends to settle into small lines and wrinkles, which can cause creasing. Mineral makeup has the appearance of a second skin and the feel of being barely there.

6. Longer Shelf Life
Liquid foundations have an approximate shelf life of six to eighteen months, but mineral foundations have an average shelf life of 24+ months.


Time To Say Bye-Bye To Terrible Skin Days With MG Naturals

A mineral foundation will provide your skin with the protection and coverage it deserves while also being lightweight. Where to buy authentic mineral foundation?

MG Naturals' Organic Liquid Foundation helps you achieve a radiant and flawless complexion. The titanium dioxide-free formulation of the foundation makes it perfect for all skin types.

Please check our collection of organic foundation samples or feel free to contact us if you have any queries.


Udele Silvester
Udele Silvester

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