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Frequently Asked Questions about MG Naturals

We are happy to refund any products that are returned unused & unopened in their original packaging. To manage a return please email our team at

Because of the nature of our products we can not return any opened or used products.

Our system currently only allows one coupon code to be used on all orders & doesn't allow for coupon stacking.

If you are redeeming a loyalty members reward & would like to take advantage of any other offers we may have currently on offer please checkout as normal & leave a note as to the offer you were hoping to use in the notes section at checkout & we will ensure that you can take advantage of both deals.

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Generally this only happens if there is a spelling error in the email address we have on file so please email us your order number to & we will get this fixed for you.

We take between 1-3 days depending when you order.

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If your order has not arrived within these time frames then let us know at & we will look into it asap.

All of our orders can be tracked using the tracking number provided in your email updates or alternatively here for Australian orders : and here: for International orders.

You can also try using the tracking service of your countries postal service for any international orders for up to date scans & tracking.

You can log into your account here

Once in your account an aqua rewards program button will appear on the lower left side of the screen, once you click on this it will show you your current points tally, how you can earn more points & any rewards you can redeem.

All of our products contain no Titanium Dioxide as it's a chemically produced product (not "organic " at all) & there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that it is carcinogenic & not photo-stable (meaning that when you expose it to light on your face it creates free radicals that in turn ravage your skin cells) not good if you want to keep your youthful complexion!

No never, all our products are protected with Leucidal preservative, the only preservative I will use on my families skin. Leucidal is a natural extract derived from radishes that have been fermented with Leuconostoc Kimchii (the lactic acid bacteria that is traditionally used to make Kimchi). Leucidal liquid is approved by ECOCERT as a preservative in certified organic cosmetics. The addition of Leucidal ensures that this lotion will be safe & spoil free for 12 months.
Each batch has a 12 month expiry date, but it will be long gone before then!

We are now a 100% Vitamin E Free Brand.
Our products no longer contain d-alpha Tocopheryl (natural vitamin E). Most natural vitamin E is derived from either soy (which is GMO) or wheat & wheat based products which mean that they can be an allergen for those with gluten sensitivities.
The inclusion of Vitamin E in face creams & cosmetics can cause itchy, dry, red, scaly skin in those with sensitivities. So we have decided to omit Vitamin E from our entire brand. In its place we use the highly nourishing, healing & anti-aging Carrot Seed oil which is a powerhouse of natural Vitamin A, B, C, D, E & beta carotene.
So our products are 100% SAFE for everyone

No, we never have done & never will.

Our airless pump bottles ensure no mess & no waste. But the best thing they do is ensure that your mineral makeup remains uncontaminated by bacteria & germs - ensuring a pure product to the last drop

Everybody has their own personal preferences when it comes to make up & coverage, so we have created matching Titanium Dioxide Free Loose Mineral Foundations to compliment all of our products. This enables you to buff on the loose minerals over the top of your Beauty Balm or foundation & create the depth of coverage you prefer - this is great for covering up acne, discolouration & any imperfections.

When you combine the two products you get a more complete coverage with all of the moisturising & brightening benefits of our liquid products & the beautiful light reflecting & soft airbrushing of the Mineral powder

While our products are based on the natural sunscreen barrier Zinc Oxide because they are not tested as sunscreen products but are makeup, we are not allowed to make concrete sunscreen claims. But we can share the following information with you in regards to the effectiveness of Zinc Oxide as a physical sun barrier & the amounts contained in our signature products.

This gives our products the following approximate SPF Ratings based on Zinc Oxides rating of 1% equals 1SPF :

BB Creams at 20% Zinc Oxide have an approximate SPF of 20
Liquid Foundations at 28% Zinc Oxide have an approximate SPF of 28
Mineral Powder foundations at 65% Zinc Oxide have an approximate SPF of 40+

*Legally we can't claim a certain level of Sun Protection Factor without having our products come under scrutiny by the TGA.

Yes they are.

Iron Oxide is what gives our makeup its colour, without it you just have a lotion. Our Iron Oxides are put through stringent processes to purify them: we believe that purified iron oxides are the safest non toxic FDA-approved colorant for makeup.
Iron oxides are known to be gentle and aren’t known to be allergenic.
Our iron oxides are not nanoparticle or micronized in size to ensure they don't cross the epidermis barrier.
We do not use dyes or synthetic colours in any of our products we always use natural clays & Iron Oxides.

Our products are formulated for sensitive skin & do not contain detergents, chemicals & artificial fragrances that can irritate the skin. Our list of ingredients we won't use is far longer than our list of ingredients we will use. Our products are so safe & natural you could eat them, but we don't recommend it!

I & many other pregnant & breastfeeding women have used MG Naturals makeup with no irritation or ill-effects. Our makeup is non-toxic and safe for mothers to wear, as you don't have to worry about it rubbing off on your babies tender skin or being ingested when you receive sloppy kisses :)

While many of our customers are still in their formative years and many women come to us because pregnant and cognizant of ingredients, please contact your health (doctor, midwife) professional with any relevant questions or concerns, because it goes without saying "I am not a Doctor".

Yes it is, it is often recommended that you should avoid Carrot Seed Essential Oil during pregnancy. All of our formulas use Organic, Cold Pressed Carrot Seed Oil so they have all the skin loving goodness but without the added potency that could pose a risk for some women.

At this stage most of our stockists are also online businesses. We understand choosing your perfect shade can be difficult from a screen which is why we offer samples & our complimentary colour consult program to take the guess work out of placing your order

Most of our products are available in sample form, please check our samples page.

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