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MG Naturals is the first 100% Titanium Dioxide Free Makeup brand in the world. We are a little ahead of our time, but aren’t all the best things!!

Our entire range is created on the premise of being:


KIND to your Health

No crazy, complicated chemicals, petroleum-by products, silicones or polymers in our makeup. Only wholesome, natural ingredients that you know & love. We’ve done the research so you can enjoy makeup, worry free!

  • • 100% Titanium Dioxide Free
  • • All products certified Safe by 6 certification bodies
  • • 100% Nano particle free

KIND to your Skin

All the makeup in the world can’t compensate for the natural glow of healthy skin. Our makeup is designed to heal your skin and restore your natural glow.

  • • Organic
  • • Made on a soothing aloe base
  • • cold-pressed oils only
  • • All products heal & repair, not mask your skin

KIND to the Planet

We only get one earth & one chance at life. So let’s make the most of it & leave a beautiful legacy for our children.

  • • Vegan
  • • Cruelty free
  • • Sustainable & recyclable packaging
  • • Refills available to reduce landfill
  • • Women owned & run
  • • Support other women in business reach their dreams via Kiva loans
  • • Perfect match Guarantee ensures you love your makeup & eliminates unecessary waste

My name is Kailah & I’m the owner &
master formulator of MG Naturals.

In honour of being a 100% transparent brand I have to confess that I am a somewhat strange choice for a beauty brand.

While I adore the science & geek-out over formulating, my actual makeup skills leave a lot to be desired!

You see, I didn’t start out wanting to be a makeup formulator or manufacturer, I really just wanted to make a kid-safe sunscreen (that I approved of)!

But fate had other plans for me, one sunny day I wandered into a lecture hall & listened to the professor speak about the latest (damning) research on Titanium Dioxide.

On checking I realised Titanium Dioxide was in EVERYTHING I used on my face EVERYDAY.

So I set about finding alternatives, only to find there were NONE.

Unless I was willing to try a Cocoa, Corn starch & Tumeric concoction - but that seemed more appropriate for a cookie dough than my face!

So as the common tale goes, I set about making my own!

The thought of making my own products, made me feel queasy (it still does some days). I was more than a little scared of all that was involved. The countless hours, research & 100’s of variations that go into creating a safe product that actually works.

But the so-called “green” makeup brands used ingredients, that I won’t & can’t use on my three girls.

If I won’t allow my little loves to use it. How could I ask you to put it on your skin & the skin of your loved ones?.

I simply can not!!

And from that MG Naturals was born.


PS. If I'm not working on MG Naturals, you can find me working on my other passion project; having fun with my three hijinks loving, barefoot (clothing-optional) bandits. You will find us swimming, scootering (ok I don't scooter - scrapped knees over 30 are not cool), baking, shopping (three daughters!!) & eating all the good things.

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