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January 08, 2021 2 min read

5 Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Makeup

Looking to switch to Eco-Friendly Beauty Products?

Here are five unexpected benefits that will make you want to ditch your conventional cosmetics and buy eco-friendly makeup ASAP.

Not only will your health and the planet benefit, but your wallet will thank you too! ;)


 1. Your Skin Will Be Softer

Not only are you eliminating harsh chemicals out of your cosmetics, eco-friendly beauty products usually contain much higher levels of actives and no synthetic ingredients or product fillers. 

Did you know that many drugstore and luxury brands add drying agents to products such as moisturizers and lip balm? If you actually want your products to moisturize, make sure they are “sulfate-free.”


2. Your Skin Might (Finally) Clear Up

The reason this is a “might” is because everyone’s tolerance varies for different ingredients, both natural and unnatural. You might break out using only toxic makeup and switching to organic makeup might be your cure (just like most of our customers). 

Or, you could find that switching to pure ingredients such as jojoba oil, raspberry oil, etc., might be your worst nightmare. If you’re prone to breakouts, try new products one at a time to test your tolerance.

The best way to do this is by trying samples first. So you won’t have to waste your $$$ on a full-sized product, only to find out it’s not suitable for your skin.


3. Wallet-Friendly

With eco-friendly makeup, a little goes a long way due to the quality of the formula so you often actually use much less product. So you’re very likely to spend much less! ;)


4. Good For Your Health

The cosmetic industry is one of the least regulated markets in the world. So many products contain toxic substances in their ingredients lists. 

Studies claim that our body absorbs up to 5 kilos of harmful substances through beauty products each year. Even small amounts of chemical endocrine disruptors can change normal hormone function enough to impair the body, and make the body stop producing estrogens and can be the reason for many diseases such as cancer, fragile immune system and allergies.

By using Eco-Friendly Cosmetics, you’ll avoid this.


5. Good For The Environment ( + You Can Use Refills!! )

When you use synthetic and chemical products, not only do they leave traces on your skin, but they also end up contaminating the air and the water. As a matter of fact, according to some recent studies, ingredients contained in sunscreen damage coral reefs, causing their bleaching. By using bio-cosmetics, you’ll avoid this damage and you’ll protect the ecosystems.

The ingredients of organic cosmetics have been grown without the use of pesticides or harmful fertilisers. So, if you use them, you’ll protect biodiversity and promote organic farming.

Swapping to Eco-beauty will benefit not only you, but the environment too, now thats a win:win!!


Kailah Shannon
Kailah Shannon

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