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November 28, 2022 2 min read

The French Ministries issued a joint order in 2019 prohibiting the use of titanium dioxide (E171) in food. The decision was made due to a lack of evidence guaranteeing the substance's safety.
It has been shown in scientific research that titanium dioxide can adversely affect the gut flora and due to the presence of nanoparticles, it has proven to be carcinogenic in some studies.

However, titanium dioxide is widely used in the food industry, where it can be found in various items ranging from chocolate to chewing gum. Food-grade titanium dioxide is a naturally occurring mineral that is utilised as a brightener and whitener in both foods and pharmaceuticals. An inferior variant can also be found in cosmetics and sunscreens!.


Why did France ban Titanium Dioxide?

In 2017 France ordered a review of titanium dioxide after a study on animals showed it caused adverse effects. In 2018, the French National Assembly asked for a one- year ban of titanium dioxide.
The study found that titanium dioxide passed through the gut wall, having adverse affects throughout the body. The National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) of France and its collaborators discovered that titanium dioxide passes the intestine wall, allowing it to reach other parts of the body.
When asked to do a more comprehensive investigation of the component, the health and safety regulator ANSES determined there was insufficient evidence to substantiate that it is safe.

Now the EU Will Also Ban Titanium Dioxide.

When France banned titanium dioxide, it prompted many lobbyist groups to call on the European Commission to impose a similar ban across the European Union.
Hence, the EU's parliament also demanded that titanium dioxide be taken off of the EU's list of approved food additives. The European Commission is transitioning out titanium dioxide (E171) as a food ingredient in the EU from February 7, 2022, through August 7, 2022, at which point a complete ban will take effect.

What can you do?

Go For Titanium Dioxide Free Products.

That means saying NO to foods, personal care products & cosmetics that use it and make false claims that it's safe to use.

At MG Naturals, we are on a mission to educate people on the possible side effects of using cosmetic products that contain titanium dioxide. We take pride in that fact that our Makeup line is 100% Titanium Dioxide Free, we hope that we are  setting new industry standards which will one day be the norm.

Try some samples today, your skin & health will thank you


Udele Silvester
Udele Silvester

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