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June 30, 2021 2 min read

Throughout the years, we’ve been conditioned to cringe when we hear the words “face” and “oil” put together. It could only mean bad news, right? Break outs, skin irritations, that sweaty, un-fresh, haggard look. But the truth is that it depends on what oils we’re talking about. Applying facial oil is actually an ancient beauty technique used by Egyptians. Finding the right facial oil for you may be the key to unlocking your full beauty potential! Here are Five Reasons YOU should be using facial oil:


#1. A Remedy for Dry Skin

Dry Skin

Our bodies naturally produce oil to protect and hydrate the skin. There are several factors that affect how our bodies produce oil and whether or not it’s healthy, too little, or too much; things like diet, daily exercise, genetic makeup, the weather, and rapid fluctuations in temperature. Using the right facial oil really goes a long way in negating the harmful effects of the environment on your skin and your natural glow!


#2. Creates a Barrier for your Skin

Healthy Skin

In addition to nourishing your skin, oil creates a shield that keeps the baddies out and the goodies in! Thanks to its lipophilic properties, they seep deep into your skin, keeping the moisture locked in. Facial oils should be an essential part of your skincare routine to protect from the exposure to various pollutants!


#3. A Natural Ointment

There’s a wide array of oils that heal rashes and skin irritations thanks to their anti-inflammatory elements. Jojoba Oil is best known for calming the effects of Rosacea, a common ailment that causes redness and may also produce pus-filled bumps. Rosacea’s triggers are, unfortunately, pretty common as well: Sunlight, heat, stress, and spicy food to name a few.


#4. A Primer That Keeps You in Your Prime

Just like how you’d apply a traditional primer, gently pat the facial oil onto your face and wait a while for the full effects! The oils moisturise your skin giving your skin a healthy, youthful glow that enhances the makeup. Avoid that heavy feeling by using facial oils instead, it’s a light, non-greasy healthy alternative to your old school primer!


#5. Gets Rid of Pimples

As we mentioned before, you might think that using facial oils might end up in a zit-cluttered face. Well, it’s actually the opposite! Using oils in moderation help balance your body’s natural oil production. Now you might be wondering why we should be using ‘foreign oils’ as opposed to our body’s natural oil. The reason is that our bodies aren’t perfect! Again, there are several factors that affect the quality and quantity of the oil we produce, and some of those factors are out of our control! Applying the right amount of oils will stop the body from overcompensating with potentially unhealthy or ‘lower quality’ oils. Those oils are the real culprits that cause zits and blemishes.

So get yourself a quality Botanic based facial oil today.

Jennah Juico
Jennah Juico

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