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July 10, 2020 2 min read

Now more than ever, there’s an influx of beauty brands claiming to be ‘clean’, ‘organic’, and ‘natural’ but what does this really mean?

While this is a great movement we all love to see blooming. Unfortunately, we have to watch out for ‘clean washing’ brands that market a product as clean or non-toxic without supporting those claims. Here’s a simple guide to help you get started so you won’t feel lost and end up with products that are just ‘cleanwashed’ & not truly clean.

Know the lingo

While there’s no official definition for ‘clean beauty’, most brands and experts use the phrase to describe cosmetics that are universally responsible - not only safe  for consumers, but also better for the planet.

The clean beauty lingo has a lot of buzzwords that are not actually regulated, so it’s no surprise these words are often misused and may result in misinformation.


How to Read a Label

When checking labels, take note that cosmetic ingredients are listed from highest concentration to lowest. So, if there’s an ingredient featured on the front of the packaging, you’d expect it to be higher up in the list. If it’s at the very end, then its probably been clean washed.

Familiarise Yourself with the Dirty Dozen 

Reading the ingredients is probably basic for you but have you heard about the dirty dozen you should avoid in your cosmetics? If you don’t know them yet, now’s the time to get familiar with these nasties. These ingredients are hard to remember. That's why we’ve listed them down here. Read through the ingredients list and If you ever spot them on your cosmetics, ditch that product!

Shop Small

Shop small because this is where the clean beauty industry started. As this movement became more popular, larger brands started hopping on the trend. When you support a small business, you can rest assured that there’s a dedicated team behind the product that loves what they do and work tirelessly to be the best for their customers. 

Switching to clean beauty should be fuss-free and uncomplicated. This is why we are so passionate about truth in labelling, you can easily find all the ingredients we use and NEVER use. If I wouldn’t happily apply it to my three baby girls’ skin, I don’t want you applying it to yours. 

Ready to start your Clean Beauty journey? Try our Deluxe Sampler Kit today and discover a whole new world of beauty without the nasties. 

Kailah Shannon
Kailah Shannon

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