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Jessica Fairbairn
Excellent Product

I would love to express how delighted I am I found this product. I'm concerned about the possible long term effects of titanium dioxide being applied to my face every single day. But I still want a product that can protect from sun and be good for my skin.

I love that they send a sample of the foundation so you can make sure you got the right color. I actually added another sample in a slightly darker shade also so I could try both. :)

I'm very happy with my purchase and thrilled to report it hasn't caused my sensitive skin to break out.

Bertha Shelton
Color Options

Your foundation is WONDERFUL, but I need a shade with a red tinge. The colors I ordered and also tried to mix, give me a grayish look.

Thank you!


This product spreads and applies easily (especially with face oil) and gives a natural but good coverage. Makes skin glow and love that you can buy refill!

Not for me

I wanted to like this and was so excited to get it but it did not work for me. I have textured skin and it did not work well for that reason. It did not help my skin in any way. Very oily and sits on the skin and made me itch.
I’m sure it would work better on skin in better condition than the skin I have
I just don’t want to go through the bother of returning it.
If you have textured skin, this might not work well for you.
I appreciate how clean it is!
The bronzer is nice though

סיון אופירי פשוט לרדת במשקל
The products are dry!

The concealer is dry impossible to use, as if somebody used it..the tint is broken, the eyeliner is dry I can’t use it on my eyes. The colour does not stay…even if I press hard under my eyes .Iam very disappointed. I never received the foundation although paid for it.

Love this makeup

Very creamy not heavy on the face. A lot of products say natural but they contain TD. This one doesn’t contain it and so happy I found it. Love this foundation.

Mary Beth Elvidge
Liquid foundation without titanium dioxide

I really like the foundation. I would like a little more coverage. I chose sand beige and will go a little darker next time. Overall, happy with the product, especially since I can use it confidently knowing there is nothing in it that could do harm.

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