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Great titanium dioxide free makeup!

If you live in the USA, you know it is VERY hard to find any product that is TD free. VERY hard; even down to toothpaste. I've been doing so much research for months now and decided TD free was the best choice for long term safety. I came across this brand (of course, Australia wins again!) And I have to say it's a win! :)
I have tried multiple shades, multiple products, and here is my honest review!
Concealer liquid stick: my vote is a NO. I suffer from very dark circles under my eyes, I'm 29, and I need really good coverage for these bad boys. This concealer unfortunately did not do the job; it's too sheer and dries VERY fast... hard to manipulate once applied. Color ordered: light

Foundation: I like! It has a faint "organic" smell that may be off putting to some, but I don't mind it. I ordered 5 shade samples, I am "creamy natural"! Matches me to a T!! I'm a skin tone that's light/ medium, can burn but tans easily, I look good in silver and gold, have blue/green veins, and neutral undertones.
My only complaint about this foundation is it can be a bit wet, so it streaks if too much is applied and then brushed over and over. Solution? Adding the Mineral Silk Foundation Powder is a GREAT addition. I get a full coverage with both applied, individually they give a light/ medium coverage.

Blush: i like! VERY potent colour! A little goes a LONG way. With my skin tone I liked "blushing coral", the other were too pink for my liking.

Brow styler powder: I like! VERY potent colour. I got "brunette"; matches perfect.

Mineral "medium" Sculpting Powder & Illuminator "sheer light" duo: I like!
The medium is a good color to build if wanting extra intensity, and the highlighter is a very very natural glow. I wouldn't recommend for someone that is looking to "shine" on their cheek bones, but this is a beautiful natural highlight. Again, both powders go a LONG way.

samantha carr carr
Love it!

Love this so much! Will always use it!

Amazing Organic Liquid Foundation without Titanium Dioxide

I spent a lot of time searching for a liquid foundation made without harmful ingredients such as titanium dioxide. Mg Naturals' fluffy, nutrient enriched liquid foundation is the answer. It's the only foundation that I found which doesn't contain titanium dioxide. if you're ready to switch to a natural and clean foundation, you should try MG Naturals Foundation. With light, breathable coverage, the foundation hydrates and improves the look of your skin.

Kate Familton
Excellent product

I've been using MG Naturals for around a decade now and it never fails to disappoint.

Joy S

Smooth, simple coverage that blends easily and the shades are very forgiving. The coverage is light and meant to let your skin breathe and heal overtime. This is the first foundation I've use that I do not have any breakouts for a full 12-14 hour day.


Foundation is much better then bb cream. It gives more coverage even though it's still lite coverage. I love it though, I look like me. I have neutral light skin with a tad bit of redness. It covers redness and gives a nice sheen. Olive fair was very lite, peach bisque is good but I think I could go a shade darker. Seems like the shades are very forgiving.

Nice Texture Foundation

I really like the texture of the foundation. It's easy to apply and it provides nice coverage.

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