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Alison Dixon

Love my products. They feel great on my skin. Will be looking at purchasing some more soon. I particularly love the mineral powder.

Heather Neely-Billings
Amazing Natural Makeup

Absolutely love my BB Cream kit. The BB Cream is light, has great coverage (that you can build-up) and never feels "cakey." The powder is amazing as well, sometimes I just wear that instead of a full face and the coverage is still great. My skin looks natural and even. I don't get clogged pores or blackheads from wearing it either.

Happy to Find MG naturals

I have tried so many foundations. And end up with a rash. NOT MG naturals. Have been wearing every day and my skin looks amazing. Can’t wait to add to my makeup collection.

Beautiful product

My product arrived yesterday and I was super keen to try it out. My skin has been terrible recently, very dry and flaky. I applied the product in the recommended shade (from the colour match process) and it disappeared on my skin - my husband walked in as I was applying and told me my face looked really good. He couldn't see the product on it because the match was perfect and it blended right in. It was me, but better. After wearing for several hours my skin felt fine, there was no itching or discomfort and my skin actually felt more hydrated afterwards. This is amazing.

Smooth application thinner coverage than foundation

The BB Cream seems to be a lighter weight formula than the foundation, it has same good color as foundation and application is smoother because BB Cream is more “liquidy” than the foundation (foundation has a thicker consistency); hence BB coverage is thinner than foundation. Both BB and foundation are great products. I purchased both products because I wanted to understand difference between them and I hope this description is helpful to others.

Love this!! Get healthier looking skin!

In my late 30s I grew tired of dealing with bouts of acne and rosacea. After reading about all the negative effects of Titanium Dioxide and how it can contribute to both acne and rosacea, I was sick to find this toxic ingredient was in every single product I had been using for years! I made it my goal to clean up all my skin care & makeup products by starting completing over. I’m so thankful I came across MG Naturals!

I’ve been using this BB cream and powder as my daily makeup for several months now and I’ve noticed a huge improvement in the overall quality of my skin!! My skin looks and feels so much happier and healthier. Not only has my acne improved but I’ve even been able to quit using my prescription rosacea cream as well. I also love that it has a sunscreen in it.

I’m blonde/blue eyes with fair-medium skin tone and found the Peach Bisque BB Cream to be a perfect match for my complexion. Initially, the consistency felt a tad different then what I was used to, so I had to experiment with the best way to apply it and found that using my fingers works best for me. A little goes a long way! I love that it’s breathable and light enough to feel like I’m not wearing anything (you can still see my freckles underneath) yet it provides ample coverage for an overall smoother looking complexion. I’ve been amazed that my skin still has a glow at the end of a long day at work and it doesn’t settle into creases or wrinkles!
I’ve had so many inquiries about what I use and I’m so happy to finally recommend a CLEAN option that I feel has contributed to such an improvement in my overall skin health!

Love it!

This make up has been approved by my homeopathic doctor as safe for me to use. So far I have loved everything I have purchased.

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