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MG Naturals is the first 100% Titanium Dioxide Free Makeup brand in the world. We are a little ahead of our time, but aren’t all the best things!!

Our entire range is created on the premise of being Safe & Kind.


Kind to your Health

There are no crazy, complicated chemicals, petroleum-by products, silicones or polymers in our makeup. Only wholesome, natural ingredients that you know & love. We’ve done the research so you can enjoy makeup, worry free!

  • 100% Titanium Dioxide Free
  • All products certified Safe by 6 certification bodies
  • 100% Nano particle free

Kind to your Skin

All the makeup in the world can’t compensate for the glow of healthy skin. Our makeup is designed to heal & soothe your skin and restore that natural glow.

  • Organic
  • Made on a soothing aloe base
  • Cold-pressed oils and botanical extracts
  • Products designed to heal & repair, not mask your skin
  • Transparent labelling

Kind to the Planet

We only get one earth. We want to take care of it & leave a beautiful legacy for our children.

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free
  • Sustainable & recyclable packaging
  • Refills available to reduce landfill
  • Women owned & run
  • Supporting other women in business via Kiva loans
  • Perfect match Guarantee ensures you love your makeup & eliminates waste

My name is Kailah & I’m the owner & master formulator of MG Naturals.

In honour of being a 100% transparent brand I have to confess that I’m an odd choice for a beauty brand. While I adore the science & geek-out over formulating, my actual makeup skills leave a lot to be desired!

I didn’t start out wanting to be a makeup formulator or manufacturer, I really just wanted to make a kid-safe sunscreen (that I approved of)! But fate had other plans for me, when I wandered into a lecture hall & heard the professor speak about the latest (damning) research on Titanium Dioxide.On checking I realised Titanium Dioxide was in EVERYTHING I used on my face EVERYDAY.

So I set about finding alternatives, only to find there were NONE.

Unless I was willing to try a Cocoa, Corn starch & Tumeric concoction - but that seemed more appropriate for a cookie dough than my face! So as the common tale goes, I set about making my own! The thought of making my own products, made me feel queasy (it still does some days). I was more than a little scared of all that was involved. The countless hours, research & 100’s of variations that go into creating a safe product that actually works. But the so-called “green” makeup brands used ingredients, that I won’t & can’t use on my three girls. If I won’t allow my little loves to use it. How could I ask you to put it on your skin & the skin of your loved ones?. I simply can not!!

And from that MG Naturals was born.


PS. If I'm not working on MG Naturals, you can find me working on my other passion project; having fun with my three hijinks loving, barefoot (clothing-optional) bandits. You will find us swimming, scootering (ok I don't scooter - scrapped knees over 30 are not cool), baking, shopping (three daughters!!) & eating all the good things.

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