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July 24, 2020 4 min read

Choosing the right base for your skin type can be more challenging than it seems. Add in the fact that you're choosing it from a screen and it can almost seem impossible to get it right. It can either give you that natural looking flawless complexion, or you may end up with a foundation two shades too light.

We know the struggle, that’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide.

Here’s what you can do to make your foundation hunt a breeze! ;)


  1. Understand Your Skin Type

The first and most crucial step in finding the right base is understanding your skin’s needs and concerns to pick the right product that works best for you. 


You’re blemish free, pores should be barely visible and your skin is not too oily or dry. It doesn’t tend to react negatively to new products or weather changes. 


Your pores are enlarged and your skin is shiny. You’re likely no stranger to blotting sheets or mattifying powders. You might find that makeup and skin care products don’t always stay put like you’d want them to. 


Skin is rough and dull in complexion. You likely have dry, red blotches, and your skin is especially prone to peeling and cracking. 


If you’re having trouble finding out your skin type, it's most likely a combination. Typically, your T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) will be oily while dry or normal skin on the rest of the face.


The signs of sensitive skin include redness, itching, and dryness. You may experience stinging or burning after using a skin care product and have a negative reaction to fragrance. 


While not everyone’s skin ages at the same pace, the signs are fairly universal. You might notice a wrinkle here and there or more dryness than in your younger years. For more mature skin, you may notice sagging, dark spots, dullness and dehydration.


  1. Decide How Much Coverage You Need

If you’re not sure which type of coverage you need, fear not! Here at MG Naturals we will make it easier for you to achieve your desired finish and manage the skin conditions that you might want to cover, by choosing a foundation that really works for your skin’s needs.

  • For light coverage that is perfect for dry/mature or normal skin types:

Our Organic Titanium Dioxide Free BB Cream is your go to product! This BB Cream is especially formulated for those with skin that requires more intensive moisturisation. It is smooth, light weight, easy to apply, evens and brightens your complexion, and never streaks. It will leave you with glowing luminous skin that makes you look like "you have perfect skin" and not like you are wearing makeup.

  • For light coverage for those with oily/combination skin types that want to avoid any excess oil:

The Summer Formula Organic BB Cream is perfect for you! It has been specially formulated to be a lighter, more hydrating moisturiser that won't slip, slide, and melt when the temperature rises.

  • For medium coverage in a hydrating and soothing base, perfect for all skin types:

Our Organic Liquid Foundation offers medium coverage with a breathable no-makeup feel that soothes & hydrates your skin helping to heal & restore your youthful glow. This will give you a fresh, silky flawless finish that won't settle into fine lines or leave your skin dry & cakey.

Our foundation can be used with dry, mature skin by prepping the skin with a few drops of a hydrating facial oil.

Pro Tip: To personalize the level of coverage to suit you and your skin, use our Titanium Dioxide Free Mineral Silk Foundation. All natural and light-as-air, it glides on effortlessly and blends in with your complexion, to minimise redness, and even out discolouration. You can use this to adjust the coverage of your BB Cream or Liquid Foundation and achieve the perfect shade for your skin tone. 


  1. Match the Shade to Your Skin Tone

The best place to swatch foundation is along your jawline. The right shade will seamlessly blend into your skin tone and won’t leave you looking ashy. If it’s leaving a whitish cast on your skin or if it’s making you look darker, then it’s the wrong shade. Don’t be afraid to mix two different colours to get your perfect match. When you’re in doubt, go with the slightly darker shade because going lighter almost always looks artificial and chalky.


  1. Try Before You Buy

Not sure which foundation to pick? Try our Deluxe Samples Kit that contains a wide range of samples so that you can mix and match products and shades to find your perfect beauty routine. The Kit is super easy to order with its three easy to choose from shades of Light, Medium, or Deep.

Still not certain which shade or product is right for you?

Let our Beauty Team assist you with our FREE colour consultation

Kailah Shannon
Kailah Shannon

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