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August 07, 2020 3 min read

Wearing a face mask wherever you go is now our new normal.  

Learn how to adapt your beauty routine to the new normal with these helpful tips. 


Choose a Light Base

Skipping your sunscreen is definitely a NO-NO! Since you don’t won’t to get sunburnt on your exposed forehead & delicate eye area. Choosing a light base that won’t sweat off inside your mask with SPF is your best option. Our Titanium Dioxide Free Mineral Silk Foundation has amazing SPF properties from Zinc Oxide(a natural broad spectrum ingredient providing complete protection from ageing UVA & UVB Sun Rays). Its SPF is off the chart(approximately SPF of 40+), a light dusting will significantly increase your sun protection and replace the need for greasy, sticky break-out inducing sunscreen.  


Use Setting Powder After Your Foundation

Applying a setting powder will keep your makeup from smudging under a face mask. You can use our Mineral Veil - Setting Powder that is light as a feather, super smooth & blends seamlessly over your makeup without smudging. It comes in three great shades,Translucentfor a matte finish,Sheer Light for a very slight golden glow, andRose Glow for a pretty pink spring glow.


Highlight the features that can be seen by adding Colour To Your Eyes

Choose a long lasting, crease-proof, and sweat-proof, eyeshadow that can last throughout the day, just like our Mineral Eyeshadow. They blend easily and are perfect for those with sensitive eyes, but above all they are 100% safe for your skin & health. Just dust on a nude or neutral eyeshadow and don’t add too many layers if you’re not attending anything formal. 

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Don’t Forget Your Brows

Groom your brows as you don’t want your unruly brows to be the focus of your half-covered face. Opt for a Mineral Vegan Brow Styler formulated using only the finest natural & organic based ingredient. The additional angled eyebrow brush makes applying your vegan powder super easy, while the spoolie end ensures you immaculate brows.


Skip The Eyeliner And Go Straight For Mascara

When you are wearing a face mask, you can skip the eyeliner as you don’t want to make your eyes look heavy. A few coats of our Organic Volume Black Mascara will do. This mascara is all natural, volume-boosting & best of all its smudge resistant.


Moisturize Your Lips

Now is not the time to rock those red lippies. A lipstick-stained mask is the last thing you need. 

Instead of using your lipstick you can apply our Organic Lip Glaze inCrystal Clear. Wearing a face mask will make you more prone to dry and chapped lips, since it results in constant lip licking that can damage the epidermal skin barrier. Lip glaze will keep your lips moisturized and hydratedwithout the stickiness.  


Adapting your beauty routine to mask wearing just takes a few tweaks but is still completely do-able. Try to stay away from sticky or oily formulas which will make “mask-sweat” so much worst. Stick to light powder based formulas that won’t lead to break outs.
And above all remember “this too will pass” it won’t be long & we will all be rocking the bright Red Lippie again ❤
Kailah Shannon
Kailah Shannon

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