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August 30, 2021 2 min read

Pregnancy is one of the most memorable and joyous moments of our lives. The desire to keep ourselves & our babies healthy & toxin free often means we have to change our entire beauty routine to safer, more natural alternatives.

Not only do we need to rid our routine of toxins but we often have to find solutions for hormonal acne, 'mask of pregnancy' or melasma, increased redness and dry skin, all caused by the hormonal fluctuations of pregnancy.

To help you solve the skin issues that you may experience while pregnant and nursing we’ve put this guide together with the safeskincare products that will not only solve your skin dilemma’s, but also be better for you, your growing baby and our environment!

Skin Issue #1: Hormonal Acne

An increase in hormones called androgens cause hormonal acne. Most of us experience this during the first and second trimesters. When choosing a product for hormonal acne, opt for one with no acne triggering ingredients that is noncomedogenic, so it won't clog pores. Choose makeup products with Zinc Oxide for its natural inflammatory benefits & SPF.

Indira Organics Soothing Oil

This lightweight oil keeps the skin free from blemishes while still keeping it moisturised and calm. 


MG Naturals Mineral Foundation Powder

This creamy, hydrating makeup gives superb coverage! It helps to minimise the appearance of acne and other skin issues. It’s Zinc Oxide base ensures natural SPF too!

Skin Issue #2: 'Mask of Pregnancy' or Melasma

Pregnancy Mask is characterised by dark tanned looking patches caused by hyperpigmentation, it is triggered by sun exposure and generally goes away after pregnancy.  But there are still gentle ways you can help to minimise this un-wanted mask!

MG Naturals Organic Foundation

Pregnant or not, this remains a staple for me, It will even out your skin tone while feeding your skin with healthy and all natural soothing ingredients

The Blended Beauty Co. Pineapple Plaything

Provides a gentle enzyme cleansing for clearer and supple skin. Can be used as an exfoliator, cleanser and mask, totally a game-changer! 


Skin Issue #3: Increased redness

During pregnancy the volume of our blood can almost double affecting our tiny blood vessels and resulting in increased redness of our skin, particularly on our face. Pick a cleanser that is soothing and calming to your sensitive skin.

NueBar's Face wash Fragrance free

Soothing and calming to the skin, this cleanser will ease sensitivities & help reduce redness. You need to stockpile up on this cleanser!


Skin Issue #4: Dry Skin

While some get oily skin during pregnancy a lot of women experience extreme skin dryness since our skins hydration goes to our babies first. Aside from drinking enough water, it’s important to choose a moisturiser that is ultra hydrating.

Noosa Basics Cocoa Butter 

Provides skin with deep hydration, It's perfect for reducing stretch marks, wrinkles and scars too! This remains my top ultra-moisturiser!


MG Naturals Organic BB Cream

Perfect for your dry skin woes with its highly nourishing & moisturising formula. This is really skincare with colour.

Anne Bentley
Anne Bentley

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