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Paola P.
Love!! A little goes a long way but wish they had more skin tone choices!

I did not like this product at first but then I learned how to better utlize it when paired with my skin care routine and found that I eally love it when I want the no makeup look. Fingertips are the best applicators for this!! If you have a light beige skin tone with yellow undertones the Luminous light and olive fair are not for you! The olive fair is too cool of a tone and the limunous light has a very very pale tone. Love that they have samples that are super afforable !

Smells natural too!

I loved the smell, you know it’s natural. Loved the colour it suits me and looks natural. The sample also lasts me 5 days just enough as I wait for the bottle I ordered.

BB Cream

Bought the sample of the BB cream. Love the feeling it is on my skin. No reactions for my sensitive skin...loving that. Will choose a darker colour in the samples next time.

Anna Williams
Great sample.

This is the perfect way to try the product.

Taylor Spaulding
Never looking back!!!

Melts into your skin, gives you a gorgeous glowy complexion but is not greasy or sit on top of the skin. Beautiful ingredients, my acne reduced dramatically when I stopped wearing my foundation and only this. I'm never looking back, mg naturals is my new go to.

Dawn Tull

I got a sample of the BB cream in sand beige. It's a bit warm for my complexion but I love the coverage. I'm going to get a sample of the olive and see if that suits. Thank you for making a titanium dioxide free foundation with good coverage. Yay!

Switching to titanium dioxide free is easy

As a 54 year old, I was very wedded to my long standing favourite BB cream that took many years of trials and experimentation to finally discover. I thought I'd be using that BB cream till the end of days, but then a hair-mineral analysis showed all sorts of toxins coming out of my tissues and my Dr told me most make up (even the stuff that promises to be all natural etc etc) has titanium dioxide which can build up over time. And it's that build up after all those years that is contributing to my neurological health issues, so I had to switch. I was not looking forward to it. I don't have naturally flawless, glowing skin (that's what the BB cream was for!), so I needed a new BB cream. I was so pleasantly surprised with how effective MG Naturals BB cream is. I used MG Natural's colour matching service and it was spot on. I ended up getting samples of both colours that were said to be a good match and they both suited quite well so I'm spoilt for choice. I really like my new MG Naturals BB Cream I'm recommending it to friends!

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