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Meet Kailah

MG Naturals Founder Kailah
Meet our Founder *
My name is Kailah & I am the accidental owner of MG Naturals.
I say accidental, because the truth is that I never wanted to formulate & manufacture my own beauty brand. I would have been so happy curating & selling other peoples makeup.
The thought of making my own products, made me feel queasy (it still does some days). I was more than a little scared of what was involved, all the million of tasks that go into creating one little product. All the research, All the work, All the new things to learn & master.
But all the so-called "green" makeup brands used ingredients that I wouldn't & couldn't use on my three girls. And if I wouldn't use it on the skin of my little loves. How could I ask you to put it on your skin & the skin of your loved ones.
I couldn't!
And that is how I became an accidental makeup brand formulator & manufacturer.
If I'm not working on MG Naturals, you can find me working on my other passion project; having fun with my three hijinks loving, barefoot bandits.
You will find us swimming, scootering (ok I don't scooter - scraped knees over 30 are not cool!), baking, shopping (did I mention I have three daughters!!) & eating all the good things.

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