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Melinda Morfin
Best Face Oil for EVERYTHING!

I have tried numerous face oils, even DIY since I have sensitive, mature, and acne prone skin with cystic acne, scarring, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles. I started with the sample and immediately loved how it felt: smooth, easy to blend with makeup, make my skin feel better vs irritated or heavy, and gives it a clean, dewy glow. I couldn't wait for my real sized order to arrive. I've been using for several weeks now and feel my skin is not only more hydrated, less irritated, and soothed, but my complexion is more even-toned and healthy. Great stuff and so glad someone is making true, healthy, organic skincare with no compromise.

Natural and it works

I was told by my dermatologist not to use any serums or fragranced products on my face due to an autoimmune reaction.
I tried Skin Guardian oil because of all the natural ingredients, thinking it would at least give me some moisture. I’ve loved using it. It is easily absorbed by my skin and I haven’t had any reactions so far. I think my skin even looks better, although I initially just wanted something to keep my skin a little moist in the absence of serum products.

Glowy, hydrated skin- the BEST oil ever!

This skin oil is the best I’ve ever used. I live in a high altitude desert. After washing my face at night, I put some alcohol free witch hazel on my skin and then rub in three drops of Skin Guardian oil. In the morning I splash the witch hazel and use 2 drops of oil followed by mg naturals bb cream. My fussy highly eczema-prone skin has never been better! It’s glowy and flawless. I get compliments all the time. Thank you mg naturals!


So I have used this oil consistently for 12 weeks and I must say I am amazed at the difference in my skin. I am nearing peri-menopause and my skin has gone haywire. Dryness, redness, loss of elasticity, hormonal breakouts etc. This oil has really calmed my redness and has given me back my youthful glow, my skin feels really nourished and hydrated. I originally bought quite a few samples and loved them so much I bought the full size bottle. Such amazing, good quality ingredients and a VERY LOW price - don’t know how you do it but I’m so grateful to you for formulating this oil. THANK YOU ❌⭕️

Sharon Doohan
Guardian the best for me

I love this oil and I initially didn’t think it would make much of a difference to me. I had read the remarks on the website saying it’s good as a primer with the foundation. I initially bought the foundation first and enjoyed it and it made my skin feel baby soft after washing it off at end of day, and my mind couldn’t fathom why an oil would make The foundation look even better but I thought I would give it a try because all other products lived up to what was said on the website so I gave it ago and I have been very impressed. The skin looks even better when used with the foundation. It looks smoother almost seems to last longer there’s no problems at all and my skin seems to love it. It just drinks it up. You don’t need much at all. Very bare minimum to go across the facial skin. I now use it when not even putting the foundation on. To put this in context I am 58 years old and just starting to show my age , I am getting many compliments with the make up to the point someone saw me without the make up and said they thought I looked younger with the make up LOL so of course they wanted to know what i was wearing. My hair also seems to have alot of flyaway strands these days and this oil has been perfect for dabbing on those hairs. Makes it soft and they stay in place all day. I don’t believe a customer could go wrong buying this oil.

Shannon Nelmes
Skin guardian is the best oil

I have been using this oil for over 6months now. My skin looks and feels so healthy. I can also can feel the benefits under my makeup . I use my oil in the evening but super light weight for day to :) I just use one drop during day compared to 2–3 in the evening.

Mary Lingenfelter
The Skin Guardian Oil!!

I’ve been using the Skin Guardian Oil for almost a month. It really does nourish my “mature” 😂 skin. The foundation or BB skin cream, whichever I use that day, do smooth on better with the oil base. It makes my skin feel more supple and look healthier. Thank you! It is a wonderful product.

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