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August 28, 2020 3 min read

Clean Beauty can seem intimidating and confusing when you’re just starting out. Thank goodness there are so many great clean beauty bloggers you can look to for advice in 2020! 

Switching to the clean side is definitely a breeze because of their help. If you need inspiration, a makeup tutorial, or detailed reviews, as well as tips for healthier living, they are your green beauty fairy god mothers. ;) 

I have compiled this special list of ‘Best Clean Beauty Bloggers to Follow in 2020’.
I hope you’ll enjoy following them as much as I do!


Instagram: @dirt.naturals
Youtube: Lindsey Munette

Lindsey Munette of Dirt.Naturals brings a ‘Glam’ take on clean beauty. From the gorgeous lips, long lashes, contour, and stunning eye makeup, Lindsey established herself as the Glam Queen of the clean beauty community. Her makeup looks are just so elegant! 

Going for a full makeup look? Attending a special event? You’ll definitely want to look up her tutorials for inspiration. 

The Green Belle

Instagram: @thegreenbelle
Youtube: The Green Belle  

Gabby is a Toronto based clean beauty blogger. I love her natural makeup style and her minimalist aesthetic Instagram feed. She’s also a Registered Nurse, and talks about gut-skin health (which is so important!!).

You might want to listen to her podcasts where she interviewed experts to discuss healthy habits, clean beauty brands, and female entrepreneurship. Gabby means serious business in advocating for clean beauty!


Instagram: @whoorl
Blog: Whoorl

Sarah James from Whoorl is absolutely ageing gracefully, she doesn’t look 40+ at all! This clean beauty blogger is such an inspiration for all the mummas (like me) out there. If you have mature skin, Sarah has amazing tips, techniques, tutorials, and reviews on her blog that you’ll surely love. 

Cruelty Free Vegan Beauty

Danielle of Cruelty Free Vegan Beauty is another clean beauty blogger and gorgeous mumma we love following! There’s just something in her vlogs that will definitely make you want to finish watching, and keep coming back for more. Her enthusiasm for clean beauty is evident in her detailed reviews.

This Organic Girl

Instagram: @thisorganicgirl
Youtube: This Organic Girl

Lisa is an Atlanta based clean beauty blogger, helping women make educated decisions about what we put in and on our bodies. This Organic Girl is such an inspiration for ‘Going Gray’. You can follow her journey in her social media accounts. 

In a society where hair dyes are ‘the standard’, Lisa’s journey will definitely inspire you to ditch that toxic hair dye and go natural.

Sunkiss Alba

Instagram: @sunkissalba
Youtube: SunKiss Alba

Alba Ramos posted her first video on Youtube 10 years ago, and ever since then she continuously shares her love for clean beauty & non-toxic everything. Her journey to an all-natural lifestyle is one for the books. 

Alba’s informative videos and easy DIYs are fun to watch, and her natural makeup tutorials are definitely worth watching. It’s no surprise she managed to grow her followers to more than a million subscribers. Her commitment to clean beauty and an all-natural lifestyle is definitely admirable.

The Green Bunny

Instagram: @greenbunnyvideo
Youtube: The Green Bunny

Ashley of The Green Bunny is like a walking ray of sunshine. This clean beauty blogger is all sass and personality, with a great sense of style. If you’re looking for entertaining and creative natural makeup tutorials, say no more! She has great technique and a personality that will definitely not bore you. She loves thrifting and vintage styles too. 

Kristen Arnett

Instagram: @kristenarnettbeauty

Kristen has been a clean beauty advocate since 2009. She is an international, celebrity makeup artist turned healthy beauty expert. Kristen generously shares her pro secrets in her YouTube channel. Women over 40 will definitely find a gold mine in her channel, as it’s packed with easy to follow makeup tutorials.

Instagram: @camila.cleanbeautyco

Camilla is an Aussie clean beauty makeup artist I had to include in this list. You should check out her Get Ready With Me Instagram Highlights and IG TV content for clean beauty tips and amazing tutorials (just like this golden girl look!). 

Jenna Catherine

Instagram: @naturalbeautifullife
Youtube: Jenna Catherine

Jenna has been making videos about clean beauty for over 6 years. This lovely Canadian blogger has a plethora of tutorials that are beginner friendly, because they’re just so easy to follow (plus points for her well lit background). Her honest product reviews are also something you should check out, I’m pretty sure you’ll find them helpful too!
Kailah Shannon
Kailah Shannon

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