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September 25, 2020 3 min read

I think we can all agree that “less is more” when it comes to your Summer beauty regimen. Who wants foundation slipping off their face, breakouts from sweating and clogged pores and sun damage.

Definitely a no-no! 

Good thing here at MG Naturals we've got your summer makeup routine covered! ;)

Keep on reading to discover the products that will help you transition your makeup routine and get that summer glow without all the fuss and nasties of conventional makeup.

Step #1: Summer BB Cream

A Beauty Balm ( BB Cream for short) is the best base you can use for hot humid days. Since summer requires a different approach, our Organic Summer Formula BB Cream has been specially formulated to be a lighter, more hydrating moisturiser that won't slip, slide & melt when the temperature rises.

The Summer BB Cream is  perfect for your everyday makeup application as it's your serum, moisturiser, primer, sunscreen & makeup all in one 30 second application. It is so easy & fuss free you can even apply it with your fingers.

Enjoy a lovely summer glow while minimising the "greasy look" that some of us can get in summer as the heat kicks our sebaceous glands into overdrive.

Pro-Tip: Just like Sarah, you can dust a little of our Titanium Dioxide-Free Mineral Silk Foundation over your Summer BB Cream to up your sun protection (it has an approximate SPF of  40+ due to its high Zinc Oxide content)  and get more coverage in the process.

Step #2: Eye Brow Styler

Eyebrows truly frame the face and during the searing heat of summer, you can skip the eyeshadow and mascara, & just focus on making a statement with smooth, defined, gorgeously shaped brows. 

Our Mineral Vegan Brow Styler will enhance your brows & allow you to create flawless natural looking brows, with very little fuss. Formulated using only the finest natural & organic based ingredients, our vegan brow styler is perfect for sensitive eyes as it contains none of the known allergens that are present in other brow powders.

Step #3: Lip Glaze/ Lip Balms 

As much as I love my lipstick, swapping it with our 
Organic Lip Glaze is the best for peak summer days (all the more now that we are required to wear face masks). 

Our Organic Lip Glaze is nourishing and moisturising like a balm, but has the super shine of a high end lip gloss, minus the stickiness - so you get the best of both worlds. ;)

It is naturally flavoured with vanilla & sweet orange essential oils with just a hint of stevia. And it smells & tastes so yummy you will want to eat it straight from the pot & because it contains no nasties - you can!!

Best of all, it contains no parabens, no dyes, no chemicals, no mica's & no colours!  All of our glazes are tinted using 100% Organic Pure Australian Clay for colour that not only looks good but is also good for you. 

Step #4 (Optional): Bronzer

To complement your summer look, you can finish off with a light dusting of our Titanium Dioxide-Free Mineral Bronzer for that sunkissed glow without the UV dangers & damage.

Even the most sensitive skins will love our Bronzer. It's lightweight buildable coverage will ensure you apply just the right amount of faux glow so you never look like a human-cheeto!

With these Summer Makeup Essentials, you can still have a non toxic, fresh, flawless, and natural looking glow despite the hot and humid weather! :)

Kailah Shannon
Kailah Shannon

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