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September 11, 2020 2 min read


Another win for the MG Naturals Family! 2020 is looking like it's our Year 😍 

Organic Beauty Award SS20 just announced the winners for the Makeup Category. 


Our Organic Titanium Dioxide Free BB Cream won Silver for the BB Cream category. 

"This BB Cream by MG Naturals is so easy to use. It evens the complexion & provides sunscreen protection, conceals, perfects, moisturises, & brightens skin. ❤️ What I love most about this BB cream is that it is organic & applies quickly, blending into the skin instantly, I can apply this in less than a minute & have even looking skin all day. Not to mention the anti-aging benefits of aloe vera, apricot, almond, shea butter, rose & many more all-natural ingredients.❤️"

- Feedback of Amina Kitching from Safe Cosmetics Australia/Organic Beauty Award 


For the Eyeshadow category, our Titanium Free Eyeshadow bagged the Silver award. 

Our Eye shadows are free from titanium dioxide, harsh chemicals, parabens, bismuth oxychloride, talc, synthetic dyes, fillers, fragrance & preservatives, with 12 colors to choose from.

Feedback from one of our Lovely Customers


Sliver award for our Blushing Rose Mineral Blush

"The colour of this pink blush is so natural, it is the best blush that can be applied sparingly or by layer to add more colour. I have also applied this as eyeshadow & blended with lip balm so you can achieve several different looks with this all-natural, titanium-free blush.

Glow is important, using a blush can warm up a cool skin tone & enhance fair skin. MG Natural's Blushing Rose instantly brightens your complexion, hiding sallow or tired-looking skin, it can even add depth & contour.

This product contains zinc, mica & pearl mica. These three ingredients give this blush a smooth glow, zinc helps to relieve sensitive skin, mica gives colour & shine while pearl mica is a natural silicate mineral pigment. 100% derived from nature this blush is the perfect colour without unnecessary ingredients. "

Feedback of Amina Kitching from Safe Cosmetics Australia/Organic Beauty Award 


Our Glistening Bronze Eyeshadow won a Bronze award for the Bronzer category.

Surprising as it seems, our Titanium Free Eyeshadow in the shade of Glistening Bronze can actually be used as a bronzer. It has more uses than just adding colour to your lids. A double win for our eyeshadows, indeed! ;)


Don't miss out on these award winning and skin-loving makeup and try one for yourself today! 

Kailah Shannon
Kailah Shannon

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